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About us

Artists O was founded in 2006 by Finnish professional artists working in the field of applied arts. Our mission is to improve the working conditions of our member artists by organizing professional events, exhibitions etc.

Leena Mäki-Patola Petrified sheets, 2020 Photograph: Leena Mäki-Patola

Artists O – A Society of Artists

Artists O accepts members whose artistic compulsion is based on materials or the traditions of industrial arts. The aim of the society is to promote and develop contemporary applied arts and to strengthen the position in the versatile world of different forms of art. Members should also have a memership in Ornamo Art and Design Finland.

The independent artists in the field of applied arts in Finland have now for the first time come together as a society for professional interests. As the conceptual content becomes more and more important in visual culture, the border between applied and fine arts loosens up. Contemporary textile and ceramic art are comparable to the art of painting and sculpture. The definition of applied arts is unlimited ­– it can be contemporary jewellery as well as wearable art or experimental design with conceptual content.

The society functions through the Ornamo Art and Design Finland and aims to create a link with the Artists’ Association of Finland.